We deliver results
that matter.

We deliver business results for leading brands powered by data driven advertising and marketing technologies. Our core services are performance marketing, ad management, data analysis and integration, conversion rate optimization, tech consultancy and search engine optimization.


In order to understand your visitors and produce campaigns, you must first measure them. We provide measurement and analysis services for both web and mobile applications with our data team. Here is what we do:

Measurement Architecture

We create the measurement architecture for use in items such as advertisements, reporting, and analysis, according to the needs of our customers and the requirements of the industry.

Documentation of Integration

In accordance with the architecture formed, we create integration documentation that both business teams can refer to when necessary, and that contains the necessary information for software teams to integrate.

Custom Integrations

We make custom integrations thanks to tag management systems and software languages by finding custom solutions in order to support software teams, to meet the needs of the teams we work with, and to take action quickly.

Software Developer Integrations

We provide support for the integrations to be made in line with the architecture created for software teams and we ensure that the cooperation.

Integration Controls

We perform integration checks to control the accuracy of the integrations realized by the software teams.


We analyze the website and mobile applications based on the measured data. We provide analysis support to other departments.


We prepare dashboards to visualize the data so that the data can be read and accessed more easily.

Data Health Checks

To control the health and accuracy of the integrated data, we enable them to compare them with databases or different measurement tools. We are working to resolve the problematic points.


Do you know why your visitors are not converting? We know. Our CRO team finds problematic steps and prepares suggestions to increase your conversion rate. Here is what we do:

User Experience (UX) Analysis

We examine your website or mobile application in terms of benefit, aesthetics, and ease of use and identify problematic points that mislead, slow, or stop the user.

Competitor Analysis

We examine not only yours but also your competitors’ sites and applications. We identify the pros and cons of your sectoral competitors both in terms of features and user experience. Accordingly, we build scenarios where you can highlight your advantages and value proposals more than your competitors.

Funnel Integration & Analysis

We identify at which step (page/screen) that visitors experience problems in their journey towards the main goal and offer solutions to improve this step.


Online Survey

We create different survey setups for different pages and actions. In this way, we interact with visitors and get a chance to get feedback from them.

A/B Testing / Personalization

We conduct A/B tests for planned design and fictional changes. With these tests, we statistically test the change we will make by randomly dividing our visitors into two groups. Thanks to these tests, we prevent your conversion rate from decreasing by not publishing the developments that give bad results, and we support your conversion rate with improvements that show good performance.

We personalize and customize for different visitor segments. We are working on segments such as gender, new and returning users, phone model, city breakdown, and making improvements to be broadcast only for visitors belonging to this segment.

User Behavior Analysis

We analyze the visitors of your website or mobile application with various techniques and tools. We report pages with a high bounce rate and most visited but not converting. We categorize visitors according to browser, device, and traffic source. We find the root problem with a more detailed analysis of each poorly performing category.

Landing Page Optimization

By analyzing the pages you have prepared for advertisements, campaigns or products, we make suggestions that will increase the performance of the page and provide the most benefit. We provide design and technical support for approved recommendations.

Software Support

We provide frontend support for all the improvements we recommend and needed within the scope of Conversion Optimization service. We implement A/B tests and customizations without the need for your software department or agency.


It is important to produce creative and well-performing advertising campaigns for the right target audience. We ensure that you use your budget in the best way with our performance team. Here is what we do:

Google Ads Ad Management

We plan, create and manage campaigns for the most suitable ad types from Google Search ads, Youtube ads, mobile ads, remarketing ads and shopping ad models. We follow seasonal trends in your business, offer proactive campaign suggestions and provide detailed reporting.

Programmatic Advertising Management

With our algorithm, we determine the ads with the lowest cost and highest interaction. With our expert team in programmatic ad management, we constantly monitor the campaigns and optimize your advertising budget for the most effective level.

Social Media Ad Management

We aim to achieve the best performance with the right target audience and timing; we manage your digital media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

Management of 3rd Party Media

We take over the management of media purchases other than Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze not only yours but also how your competitors use their ads. According to this analysis, we identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare fictions to strengthen these areas and make them stand out from your competitors.


If you have an advertising account; We produce an overall performance chart by analyzing the health of your account, identifying poorly performing campaigns, or analyzing overlooked target audiences and ad groups. We prepare an audit report that allows you to get more and more accurate traffic with the same budget by determining the points where you use and do not use your budget correctly.

Adjust Consultancy

We provide Adjust consultancy to analyze the traffic to your mobile application. We make recommendations and prepare reports so that we can analyze how much performance you get from which ad and use these ad and ad channels in a more optimized way.

Google Premier Partner

As Hype, we are certified by Google Premier Partner.

Technology & SEO

We research the latest technologies and integrate them so that you can use them in the most beneficial way. With SEO, we ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors. Here is what we do:

Keyword Research

We know the requirements of raising your site to the top in search engines and act with great expertise. That’s why we always start with keyword research first. We search for the most searched words and phrases in search engines related to a particular subject and aim to guide you in this regard.

Keyword Tracking

We follow up regularly by uploading our keywords that we have extracted according to our studies to certain applications. In this way, we can follow our position changes against our competitors and change our actions in case of any change.

Competitor Analysis

One of the most important points in SEO is to always stay informed of competitors. We examine not only yours but all your competitors’ actions step by step, and look at their position. As a result of our evaluations, we share with you our ideas that will bring your site and application to better places.

Backlink Analysis

It’s also among our duties to examine how much performance we get from the backlinks that our own site and our competitor sites receive. Performing the backlink analysis correctly is very important in terms of getting high performance from your backlink studies. We strive to get maximum performance from backlinks.

Creating an SEO Road Map

One of the first things to do in order to follow the right path and make your site successful during our SEO work is to create a correct road map. We create a roadmap that includes all our steps that will bring high performance to your brand, and we apply this list with great care.

Technical Analysis

We do an in-depth on-page and off-page SEO analysis for your brand. On-page is about SEO work within the site, while off-page is about transactions outside of the site. It covers on-page SEO, keyword research, meta tags, title-descriptions, URL structures and content analysis. Off-page SEO includes links from different sites, social media studies and collaborations. We carry your site to the next level by making your on-page and off-page analysis in detail.

Content Analysis

One of the most important things that will bring your site to the top of search engine results is to produce content suitable for your brand. We analyze your site in detail and examine what kind of content we can reach better points. After analyzing the existing content of your competitors in detail, we conduct content studies for you to show high performance with the most suitable content for your brand.