Tosla is an electronic money transfer platform developed by AkOde, a subsidiary company of Akbank, which is one of Turkey’s largest banks. Aimed at younger consumers, the app can be used as a cash alternative when shopping, and to make it faster and easier to send and receive money with friends.


During the three-month campaign, the aim was to encourage young people who might not yet have a bank account to download and install the Tosla mobile wallet app, and register to use it so that they might remain customers.



Young, digitally-savvy customers are highly sought after by many brands in Turkey, so it was important for Tosla to stand out from the crowd to reach them.

Working with performance marketing agency Hype, AkOde hypothesised that the best way to showcase its Tosla app was to immerse people in the experience of using it, similar to a video game. Facebook playable ads offered the perfect solution.

A playable ad begins with a short video, with game controls overlaid to indicate that the ad is playable. When people tap a playable ad, they enter a short, interactive, full-screen demo of an app or game without having to install anything.

AkOde’s playable ads highlighted how easy the Tosla app is to use, mimicking its bright colours and the swiping action people can take in the app to send money. The bank also ran video and photo ads without the playable aspect. People were encouraged to install the app using the call-to-action link on the final screen of each of the ads.

The Results

AkOde’s Facebook campaign helped establish its Tosla app as a young, fun brand and attracted many new customers, who then went on to use the app more actively than users acquired from other advertising. Between November–December 2019, the playable ad campaign achieved:

  • 50% of installs from campaign converted into registration
  • 35% decrease in cost per user registration
  • 5X higher click-through rate with playable ad format
  • 12-point lift in ad recall
  • 8-point lift in brand awareness


Of installs from campaign converted into registration


Decrease in cost per user registration


Higher click-through rate with playable ad format

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