How does a brand use its data better?
How much more can a search campaign on brand keywords be optimized?
The questions are difficult, but we have the answer.

Here it is; An efficient search engine campaign:

The Challenge

In order to reach the right target group, we based our strategy on 3 main data sources. Google Search trends for each city; most searched for and purchased destinations on and on our mobile app according to Google Analytics Enhanced e-Commerce and Pegasus’ CRM data.

The combination of all 3 data sources, allowed us to optimize our brand campaigns as follows:

Before, regardless of the location of the user we were promoting exact same destinations on the ad sitelinks of the brand campaigns. For example, if we’d believed that Barcelona would have been a popular destination, for all search queries like “pegasus”, “pegasus airlines” our ad sitelinks were designed to promote “Barcelona Flights” in all cities of Turkey. However, thanks to our analysis, we’ve realized that the preferred destinations was different for each location. For example, instead of Barcelona, in Trabzon Bakü, in Adana Düsseldorf had higher sales potentials.

The Solution

We determined all key destinations for each locations in Turkey and divided our brand campaign into 40 different geo targeted ones with tailored made ad text for each city and metropolitan area.

Effectively using Analytics, Trends and CRM data, we were able to better understand consumer needs and enhance our targeting capabilities.

The Results

Compared to previous period:

  • Conversion rate increased by 21%.
  • CPA decreased 12.85%
  • Ticket sales increased by 9.69%.
  • And we did all this with 0 production and 4.4 % less media budget.

With our “I KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO FLY” search campaign, we achieved great results with less budget!


Increase conversion rate


Decreased CPA


Increased ticket sales

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